PGDCA (Post Graduation Diploma in Computer Application)

The aim of this programme is to develop working knowledge about computers and to impart skills to use the computers effectively in developing commercial & scientific applications. It is designed in such a way so as to impart training in the recent advancements and modern trends in the field of computer science. After the completion of the course, students are full competent to face the real challenges of the IT Sectors.


Exposure to computers languages: Object Oriented Programming & Web Technology.

Live Projects, practical under the supervision of the IT Experts.

Exposure to latest computer techniques: JAVA, Web Authoring Tools & Client Server Computing .

Focus on new dimensions like windows programming & DBMS

Focus on newer dimensions of key topics like Digital Electronics & Artificial Intelligence.

Guest Lectures from IT Professionals.

Industrial Visits.

Seminars based on course curriculum.

Presentations on topics based on new advancements made in the IT sector.

Course Curriculum
I Semester
Code Paper Theory/Lab
PGD-701 Computer Fundamentals Theory
PGD-702 Operating System Theory
PGD-703 Programming in C Theory
PGD-704 Office Management Tools Theory
PGD-705 E-Commerce Theory
Elective 1. PGD A01 DataBase Management System (DBMS) 2. PGD A02 DTP using Pagemaker/Coreldraw Theory
PGD-711 Programming in C Lab Lab
PGD-712 Office Management Lab Lab
PGD A01, A02 Elective Lab-II Lab
II Semester
Code Paper Theory/Lab
PGD-801 Programming in C++ Theory
PGD-802 Web Applications Developments Theory
PGD-803 Programming in Java Theory
PGD-804 Data Communication & Computer Networks Theory
PGD-805 Computer Architecture Theory
Elective -III 1. PGD C01 Algorithm & Data Structure 2. PGD C02 System Analysis & Design Theory
PGD-804 Programming in C++ Lab Lab
PGD-805 Web Application & Java Lab Lab
PGD-806 Mini Project Lab