Fire & Safety

The institute having foreseen the numerous challenges due to rapid developments in the world and growing cities felt the need of trained personnel in the field of Fire fighting. While cities grow with High Rise Infrastructures, Government Houses, Hotels and Industrialization, the risk of fire explosion increases. As the large number of chemical industries are growing fast with toxic and poisonous gases and other environmental hazards they need to be protected.
The institute not only meets the present short fall of Leading Firemen but also serve the requirements, to meet the future National and International Challenges. To provides knowledge of fire prevention, protection against fire and fire fighting process along with safety are very important to prevent loss of life and property.
To teach student should about the safety procedure coming under fire services, procedure during different disaster. To provide knowledge which will be helpful in actual fire operations and in calculation hazard evaluation and their suppression techniques. Adopting maintenance, stowage, standard test of equipment and appliances practices periodically which increase the efficiency of fire & safety services.

Eligibility Criteria for Admission

The age for admission is between 18 to 35 years.

The admission is open to Male/Female candidates.

Minimum standard for Male Candidates:-

  • Weight : 50Kgs.
  • Height: 165Cms
  • Chest 81 : Cms (Normal)
  • Chest 86.5 : Cms (Expanded)
  • Minimum standard for Female Candidates:-

  • Weight : 40Kgs
  • Height : 160Cms
  • Chest Measurement is not applicable for Female Candidates.

    Educational Qualification:

    S.S.C. (10th Std.) or H.S.C. (12th Std.) or such other equivalent examination.

    Medium of Instruction

    Medium of instruction is English and Hindi. Subject to the availability of adequate number of students for the chosen language at the respective centre.

    Course Curriculum

    Physical Drills including running practicals.

  • Squad drill and saluting.
  • Fire Drills.
  • Lectures
  • Practice exercise and fire drill.
  • Course Duration

    The duration of the course is for 6 months for each session from

  • Jan to June
  • July to December
  • Training Methodology:

    Face to face per subject, practical filed training, drill & P.T. Training by recognized Teachers/Professionals/Academicians form the particular field.

    Examination system and standard of passing:
  • Examination Pattern (THEORY)
  • Paper No. Subject Marks
    Paper – I Fire Protection 50 Marks
    Paper – II Fire Extinguition 50 Marks
    Paper – III Fire Science 50 Marks
    Paper – IV General Subject of Fire 50 Marks
  • Practical and Viva
  • Subject Marks
    Practical Attachment Practical Attachment Journal 50 Marks
    Fire Drill (Viva-I) Hose & Hose Fitting, Pump & Primer,
    Hydrant Drill, Hose Drill, Fire Tender Drill,
    Extinguisher operation, Branch
    operation, Presentation & Squad drill
    50 Marks
    Fire Equipment Foam Compound, Foam Equipment, B.A. Set & rescue
    drill, Practical
    50 Marks
    (Viva-II) Fireman ship, Small gears, Ladder drill, Pump operation,
    Water relay, Presentation & squad drill.
    Fire Miscellaneous (Viva-III) Rope Line & Knots, Fixed Fire fighting Installation (Viva-III)
    operation, Water Room/Control Room, Salvage & Rescue operation,
    Protective Clothing & Equipment, Smoke Chamber Drill,
    Self Rescue, Mock & Technical Exercise, Presentation & Squad drill.
    50 Marks
    Marks Required for Passing in the Examination:
    • Minimum 40% in each Theory subject.
      (Minimum Passing 20 Marks out of 50 Marks)
    • Minimum 60% each in Practical Attachment, Viva Voce – I, II & III.
      (Minimum Passing 30 Marks out of 50 Marks)